Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Fondness for Gavin DeGraw & some gossip that would make him NOT fond of me :0)

Well, I blogged last week about how dissapointed I was that we did not get our tickets for the Gavin DeGraw concert in time.
I've been a bit sad about it ever since... but then I realized that no experience could possibly top the Gavin experience I had last year!
See captions below for some humor, lots of happiness & some juicy gossip!
This will nix the chance of me EVER being a real friend of Gavin's, but what are the chances anyway?
If you love Gavin, even partially as much as I do, you will enjoy the story!

This is my husband & I meeting Gavin. After seeing the picture, I felt a little guilty. It looks like I'm completely ignoring Joel. Of course, I really was. I see him every day! How often do I get to love on a beautiful, famous man? Seriously?!
We had meet & greet tickets (courtesy of craigslist.com) and were 2 of the lucky 12 people who enjoyed a mini performance by Gavin before the show.
See the girl in the purple with the big boobs? Gavin called her on her cell phone and uh... they got together!
He met her in Cincinnati the month before (we were at that concert, too) and they hooked up! Gavin called her a week before this show (Columbus, OH) to make sure she was coming to see him again. After the meet & greet, and before the performance, Gavin came around the front of the arena (The LC) and took her to his bus with him. She was 19. Gavin is in his early 30's!
She didn't keep quiet about it... I'm sure she wouldn't mind me sharing here, right?! :0)

This is Gavin playing his beautiful, sparkly piano at the Meet & Greet/Mini-Performance. He is amazing live! After-thought: I wonder how he has big-boob girl saved in his phone? Maybe 'Ohio Hook-up'... I wonder if there is one in each state?! Hmmm....

Gavin on guitar at the Meet and Greet. He is equally good on his guitar!
He is an amazing guy: Songwriter, Singer, Pianist, Guitarist... he does it all... I'm sure! LOL!

This is Gavin signing our posters. He also tried to leave my voicemail message on my cell phone (see Joel getting it ready?)... He said, "Hey! You've reached Kell's Cell... leave her a message." Unfortunately he wasn't quick enough and all you could hear was background noise. I was terribly disappointed. I'm over it. :0) This was August 2008. LOL! I got lots of hugs from him that day, but I now know he was thinking of big boob girl the entire time. ;)

Just a couple notes of interest:

-We were in the front row at the concert. It was amazing. I could actually see the whole thing!

-The drummer came down & gave Joel one of his drumsticks after the concert. I have it on my 'Gavin Wall'... I'll post pics of my wall sometime for ya!

-I love every single song from Gavin's first 2 CD's and my absolute favorite Gavin song is "Let's Get it On", which he performs in concert, but does not have recorded. I don't think Marvin Gaye would mind! You can find Gavin's version on Limewire.

-I'm having a difficult time warming up to Gavin's new CD "FREE"... I love 'Dancing Shoes' and 'Stay'. His voice is amazing as always, but some of the arrangements are very strange. I hope the CD grows on me.

-Gavin does lots of charity work & I follow him on MySpace and Facebook (not stalkerish, I promise)... he is truly a really good guy...

A good guy that enjoys big boobs...


  1. I'm glad you had such a good time. At least you have a positive attitude about missing the concert. Maybe next year you can go. I really enjoyed the pictures and commentary. I so enjoy your posting. They bring a smile to my face.

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