Monday, April 13, 2009

Abbi Thorpe: Fashionista/Princess

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The "Priss" Picture. See details below...
Abbi with her twin brother Aiden

Abbi in her favorite purple hat & her pretty sundress
Ready for a birthday night out on the town
(Abbi shares her birthday with her brothers Aiden (her twin) and Logan, 2)

Abbi attended a princess party... the highlight of her life so far :0)

Abbi must sleep and lounge in style

This picture sums up our Abbi... pretty, confident and royal!

Abbi loves to have her nails painted. I have promised her a pedicure this summer

So I must write this little story about our little princess. This post is not only to impress the judges at Children's Place ( so I may win a $200 gift certificate (although it's a definite perk), but also to showcase Miss Abbigail, our 4-year old fashionista!

Abbi was referred to as a priss yesterday. It bothered me a little at first, but then I realized it wasn't criticism... Abbi truly is a bit of a priss... a darling priss. I prefer to call her our diva.

Miss Abbi prefers to be in 'costume' at all times. She was a fairy princess for Halloween 2008. She has actually been a fairy princess ever since... the wings are showcased often in our house.

Abbi must be called a different princess name each day. Occasionally she enjoys 'just being Abbi', but normally asks to be called Cinderella, Snow White or Ariel. She has many fashion accessories, including high heels and several crowns, and part of my morning ritual includes dusting Abbi with blush and eye shadow before leaving for work. We sit on the bed together and get 'made-up' each day. It's my Abbi time.

My best friend Anne and I recently treated Abbi to a girls' day out. We enjoyed dinner together and a round of manicures. The next day I asked Abbi if she would like to go to the beauty shop to have her hair cut. She was quite sure of herself when she said "no, I do not need my hair cut. It's perfect."

Abbi wears princess gowns to bed, and loves to spin around for her daddy to show off her beautiful ensembles. I am thankful for my little fashion princess! In a house full of boys, us girls must stick together...

and liberty & makeup for all...


  1. LOL, I especially love that next to last picture!

  2. So cute! My daughter is interested in having her nails painted, but so far is too young to sit still until they dry.