Sunday, April 12, 2009

Celebrities Poop

Celebrities poop. It makes me so happy. Earlier today I was reading a wonderful blog post from the one and only Jason Mraz. He was sharing a comical tale about his accidental fart in the gym. Jason referred to his fart as the escape artist, and talked about the many amps that were being pushed through a 1" speaker. The entire blog had me in happy tears.

Sometimes when I'm down, I enjoy thinking about the fact that famous folks do the same things we normal folks do... poop, fart, pick our noses, burp, pee in the shower... kudos to Jason for admitting his imperfections, and for helping us to realize that celebrities are just people... hot, talented people, but people all the same.

Now let's get back to peeing in the shower. I turned the radio to a popular morning show on my way to work this past week. The morning crew was talking about Kelly Clarkson, and her admittance to peeing in the shower. I did some research and found out this information came from Blender magazine. I know the article disgusted a lot of people. Now when they look at Kelly, all they will see is a stream of pee running down her leg.

I laughed when I heard about the article... not because I think Kelly's admission was disgusting, but because I was so amused that a celebrity admitted to doing something most people have done or do on a regular basis.

Yep, I'm admitting to the world that I have peed in the shower. I see it as killing two birds with one stone. I have also picked my nose. I've seen many, many people do the same... even you folks who roll your eyes and turn bright red when someone you know farts or burps. You probably pick your noses and pass gas through that ass more than anyone else. What is that saying? It's always the quiet ones...

I tend to find solace in the fact that "sexy" Elizabeth Hurley sits on the same toilets we do. I also think it is absolutely fantastic that Jason Mraz is proud of his flatulence at the gym. It puts the whole celebrity versus non-celebrity gap into perspective.

I hope next time you are feeling blue, you will visualize Patrick Dempsey picking his nose on the race track (in my mind, that's still hot!), or Britney Spears picking a wedge after a visit to the ladies room. It's very therapeutic!

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  1. I agree with you. Celebrities are just like us except they have more money. I am so glad that you're back. I miss reading your blog. My husband thinks I talk to much about celebrity gossip but hey at least I'm talking. I read the article in Blender. I don't look at Kelly Clarkson any differently. The girl is just keeping it real.