Saturday, April 11, 2009


I painted nails today... lots of nails. If you were to add all of the individual nails I painted, the total would add up to well over a hundred. Many ladies now have very pretty fingernails for Easter. It's amazing how a little coat of paint can bring such huge smiles... and wonderful stories!

I remember my great-grandmothers fairly well. Great Grandma Walker never let us leave her house empty-handed. She was always armed with those little cups of ice cream and other little treats. Plus she always gave dollar bills. I remember how sweet she was. She was very loving and giving.

I also remember my Great Grandma Timson. She was a hoot! She loved shoes. She kept them in the boxes. I've always thought that it's quite odd to leave shoes in their boxes. It's similar to stuffing clothing into the bottoms of drawers you rarely open. You forget about them. Not to mention the fact that if your shoes are lined up in front of you, it's so much easier to choose a pair to go perfectly with your outfit for the day. I don't get it. Obviously Great Grandma did, but I don't.

I also remember Great Grandma Timson, Grandma Pat, Mom, Tara and I going to the jewelry store to have jewelry appraised, and going to Mansfield to shop. I always thought having jewelry appraised was strange, too. The jewelry items being appraised were obviously important to my grandmas. If they had no intention of selling them, why did it really matter how much they were worth? i never quite understood. I still don't.

Today while I was painting nails, I thought of my grandmas. I remember their funny little rituals. Grandma Timson liked to shop, shop, shop, and then return everything she bought! I wonder now if it was buyer's remorse, or if she had OCD. I imagine that was the case. If so, I know who to blame for my quirky rituals. Thanks Grandma.

I heard so many stories today. I truly enjoyed the time I spent with each of the ladies. One lady confided that she had never had her nails painted before coming to the nursing home. Another lady told me how beautiful her nails were "for such an old woman." The women who are blessed enough to go out with family for Easter services told me they feel prettier with their nails polished. It's very sweet how such a small act makes them so extremely happy.

While I was filing and painting, I realized that almost all of the women asked about my family, and how I was doing personally. One of the women even asked me how the economy was affecting our family. I was amazed how interested they were... in my life!

I realized today that the generations of people ahead of us truly care about other people. They don't anxiously wait for us to finish our stories so they can one-up us, or reply with a story of their own. They just honestly enjoy listening.

I'm guilty of jumping in on occasion. I love telling stories. I have even been known to interrupt people. How rude I've been!

I decided today that I will no longer wait my turn while someone is confiding in me or telling me a story. I will just sit back and listen, enjoying the fact that they care enough about me to share with me.

I really think that the younger population is very self-centered. Feel free to send hate mail... I realize that I'm generalizing. There are some really good younger people out there... people that care about others, and don't focus on boosting their self-esteem and crowd appeal by over-exaggerating their own life stories. There are wonderful people who don't put others down to make themselves appear superior. I just don't believe it's the majority.

I am vowing to be one of those few good people. I want to one day be remembered for how much I cared for others... not for my amped-up tales. I want to be like those ladies with polished nails. They have taught me to listen, learn and give. Taking is so overrated. I want my kids and grandkids to not only remember my crazy antics one day (although I hope they do), but also my giving spirit. That is my wish.

Sometimes we all need a little polish.


  1. Great blog kelly. Keep it up ! You seem pretty polished all ready! xo Ann Leary

  2. I saw you on and figured I'd stop by to say hello. Great post!

  3. Kel, I think this is my absolute favorite post you've wrote. It's so sweet. I wish our world these days were more like what the older generation obviously experienced. Wouldn't it be great? :) I just really loved this one. ♥

  4. Thank you all for all of your comments!

    Ann, you have been my inspiration! Your blog is a part of my daily routine, and I love you for reading mine & caring enough to post here! You are just a truly fabulous person!

    Mrs. Zee, I very much appreciate you checking me out! I am now a subscriber to your blog as well!

    Thank you Sarah! I wish the world were different, too. We make it the best we can for our kids and ourselves! Thank you for the wonderful compliment :0)

    Love you guys!

  5. Hi Kell Bell, have no idea how to use this thing but had to figure it out when I got a chance! Let me know that you got this! sorry that it took me a bit to take a peek at this, have been busy at work, and honestly (been drinking a little too much at the bar after work!) She your bro Chris there sometimes! You should come hang out with me, I am always there on tuesday nights, it's pretty fun, we go to evans in new bloomington. what kind of surgery did you have? don't have to say if you don't want, but at least let me know if you are okay!! If you don't want to hang out at evans, I will have to stop by your house sometime because I had a blast when we sat in your yard and drank after your purse party! By the way, I have a real coach now, a boy sent it to me as a present, i thought that was awesome!! Also have to admit that I only had a chance to read the first part of your blog. I promise I will get a chance to read the rest of it sometime later on! love you!