Monday, April 13, 2009

Showcasing My Boys!

So I have introduced you to my husband and my fashionista today!

I am now proud to present my musical boys, Aiden & Logan.

We are a musical family. We often have music on in the background, and the kids will NEVER let us take a car ride without their favorite tunes.

At this very moment I have Gavin DeGraw's In Love with a Girl playing loudly right in my ears, while the boys dance!

Abbi is our singer, but she is having emotional melt-downs this evening. If I had captured this video just a bit earlier, you would have seen her singing along to the intro of Thunderstruck by AC/DC. I didn't even know singing to that intro was possible, but with these up and coming artists, anything is possible!

Enjoy the video!

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  1. I love the video. They are sooooo cute!! Thanks for your comments on my blog. I love Gavin McGraw. Music plays a big part of my life. Without music, where would we be?