Sunday, February 1, 2009

Letting Go...

My sole purpose in creating a blog was to peak an interest in my novel-in-the-making. It's slow, sure and incredibly personal to me, and thus far I am having a very difficult time sharing even the slightest bit of outline with anyone, even my husband.

I will tell you that the main character is just like many women I know, read about and see on television. We are all trying to find our way. Either we have never felt the true happiness we deserve and desire, or we have suffered a horrific loss, and have been thrown into an endless tunnel with absolutely no light to guide the way. This is the case in the novel.

The point of writing I am encountering right now is literally heart wrenching to write. This poor young woman has been through such agony, and though happiness may infact be awaiting her right around the corner, she may not be able to take any more hurt in her life.

I, quite honestly, tried to bring my unrealistic, off the wall sense of humor (the way I get through each day) to the story, to emphasize how very important comedy can be in times of horrific hurt.

As I let go of my unhealthy relationship with my story, little by little, I will share more with you. :)

Please feel free to leave me comments on my blog. I love comments, constructive criticism and even just mean people telling me to go to hell. Any feedback is better than none, right?

Thanks for reading!

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