Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pure Profoundness

Okay, so believe it or not, this entry is going to be completely genuine and possibly profound. It's a reminiscence. When I find myself in one of these moods, I roll with it... not only because I enjoy the nostalgia, but also because it makes for fabulous writing!

As you can see by my last blog entry, last time I checked in I was NOT feeling nostalgic, nor serious. That was over a week ago. The blog feeling has just not been with me. Call it's bloggers block or typers thwart. Whatever it is, it sucks. I literally sat down at my computer every single night to type to all of my (4) loyal fans, only to find I had nothing intriguing to blog about. I tried. I truly did. I looked to other blogs for inspiration. I checked my other online outlets often, but no revelations came to me. Until today...

I recently ordered a book from Amazon, entitled More List Yourself. I remember having the original book a few years ago, and not writing in it, after deciding that it required way too much thought. Back then, I fought every single feeling I had, and refused to entertain any idea of improving myself from the inside, afraid that I might accidentally find a repressed feeling that I may not be able to deal with.

Today I embrace these feelings. If I remember something hurtful I FIND a way to deal with it. I have been very blessed, and have come to realize that I am not beyond asking for help.

Some forms of assistance I may require on any given day:





-Sleep (10-12 hours please)




-Anti-anxiety medications

-A cocktail of the above listed ingredients

-A good book

-A vacation


-Dr. Christian Troy, the remote & my bed

-A good workout

-Again... a cocktail of the above mentioned items & man

-A bubble bath

-A hot shower

-A mani/pedi

-A dozen pillows, my bed & a stack of good magazines

-Catalogs & endless money


-Vente Mocha

-A love letter


-Cool, crisp air

-Hot, steamy sex dreams

Add your own to create your own happy list. Just making the stupid list will enlighten you, and listening to Jason Mraz's 'I'm Yours' with your kids. Pure bliss!

See, I told you it would be profound!

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