Thursday, February 5, 2009

Be You & I'll Be Me

I've spent a lot of time lately pondering self-esteem, and how we deal with body image. There are not many women I know personally who are 100% sure of themselves. I would venture to guess that in the pie of life, there would be a teensy, weensy slice reserved for self-confident, radiant women, who do not have an ounce of confidence issues. I believe we are programmed to be worriers, and along with that worry, there will inevitably be self worries.

Quite honestly, I don't have time to just sit and think about my own bodily issues, or how I think Taylor Swift has beautiful hair and porcelain skin, but slitty eyes. I cannot even imagine the crap people come up with about me. I think it's fun to try to guess, though!

My whole point being, self-esteem and body image are always going to exist. We can never escape backhanded compliments, what is said to be constructive criticism, hateful comments, etc. What we can do, is learn to snap right back with a catchy phrase of our own, let the hurtful remarks go, consider the source and move on.

I have always been the type to relive situations over and over again. I remember a fellow student telling me I was not as good at her in a particular class (which I happened to be VERY good at) my sophomore year of high school. I took this so badly that I withdrew, and in all honesty, I did become 'not so good.' After realizing how incredibly stupid that was, I picked myself right back up, and blew her mediocre ass away in that class! I've often thought about that comment since. If someone tells me I'm not good enough, I'm going to prove to them, and to everyone else, that I am THAT good.... and if I realize I'm not, I will let it go, but not until I've given it my all. Then I will choose something else to kick ass at. That's just me.

So you be you, and I'll be me and that's just the way we'll leave it for now. Who cares what people think of you? They may push you to pursue avenues you believed were foolish before, but are infact prosperous now.

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  1. Kelly, you got to tell me who that was that said that to you and what class it was!!!