Friday, February 20, 2009

Amazing Little Phrases...

I've been at a conference these past two days. A fabulous conference. It's the type of conference you actually LOOK FORWARD to going to... good food, entertaining, informative speakers, comfy seats that spin AND recline and did I mention the food?! It was two days of bliss for me! (Plus I had my hair done after the first day! Bliss I tell ya!)

Some of the information discussed was so very deep, and above my head that it took me several minutes to process single sentences and phrases.

Hurt people hurt people.

Think about that.

I did. For quite a while. I texted the words to my assistant. She didn't get it either. Typing the words into my little phone sent a tiny little current from my fingers to my brain. Hurt people really DO hurt people.

I'm not going to drone on and on about how we hurt people and hurt ourselves. I just thought that was an amazing little phrase. No, I'm NOT chanting for anyone to go out and hurt people. That was how I first interpreted the phrase, too.

Sometimes we so quickly jump into a fit of rage with a coworker who didn't include our name in an email, a friend who didn't return a phone call or a salesman who didn't say thank you, but we have no idea what may be going on behind the scenes. That person may have just been diagnosed with breast cancer. They may have just lost a child in recent months. That individual could have just found out an hour before that he or she is being laid off indefinitely. Due to the economy and the financial crisis, your friend's cell phone may have been shut off, and she was unable to return your call.

One trait I pride myself on is my friendliness. I rarely meet a stranger, I treat people with respect and I enjoy the fact that people know I genuinely care for them, with all of my heart. I'm not saying I never fly off the handle. It happens. Unfortunately (or fortunately, I suppose) it happens more at home than it does in public, but I often laugh at myself after yelling at the kids or telling my husband to go to hell. I laugh mainly because no one on this God-given earth knows how in the hell to take me seriously.

Laughter helps me to make it through the doldrums of the every day. It helps me to put life into perspective. It helps me in my work, in my home life, in my novel, with my OCD (obsessively and compulsively delusional... (self diagnosed) and mainly when I begin to hysterically laugh at extremely inappropriate times.

It's so important and necessary to let the small things go (really, who cares if a coworker doesn't CC you on an email?), realize the possible reality (she could have a major crisis going on in her personal life) and remember to laugh really, really loud... and mean it!

Just Let it Go, Love & Laugh. It's THAT Easy!

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