Monday, January 19, 2009

**I** Have a Dream...

I am starting this blog with a joyous heart, which at any given moment could openly burst with exhiliration and excitement!

Have you ever held yourself back from something you wished for deeply? Have you ever listened to someone sing and ached to be the one holding the microphone? Have you ever yearned to have a college degree, but never quite made it?

Last year I finished up my certification courses to become a certified activity director in the state of Ohio. It took me only a few months, but the feeling of accoplishment I felt after receiving those certificates was amazing! I wanted to feel that again, only on a bigger scale.

So I started dreaming about writing a book again. I had been dreaming about it off and on for years. I kept telling myself that dreams of becoming actresses and great novelists were for those people who were born into rich, deserving families. It never occured to me that this wasn't always the case. I'm a plump redhead with a visual impairment and an annoying cackle of a laugh. But it recently hit me... no one will realize any of that if I'm behind the pages of a book!

So now I'm here writing about writing. Typing about typing actually. I imagine back in the quill days it took ten times longer to 'write' a book than it does today.

I am **5** chapters into my book. It's pretty damn good if I do say so myself! I've been at it for a few months now, and although I scrutinize it daily, I have managed to keep at least 50% of what I have written.

I'm excited to give all of you a glimpse into it, and I will in time.

For now, I will share a comical story with you that was not so comical the other night as it was unfolding...

Stay Tuned...

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